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Why NidhiExpert is India’s Best Nidhi Software

Important Features of NidhiExpert


Create and Manage Multiple Branches with ease

  • Opening of Branch wise Deposit & Loan Accounts.
  • Branch Wise Report of Loan and Deposit Accounts.
  • Date Wise Collection Report of Branches.
  • Date Wise Disbursement Report of Branches.

Multiple User Software with Single Point Admin Control

  • Create Unlimited User.
  • Manage User Rights.
  • Activation/De-activation of User Account.
  • Set Timings for Users to access the Software.

Manage Multiple Loan Types

  • Gold/Jewellery Loan
  • Loan Against Deposit
  • Property/Mortgage Loan
  • Gold Loan with No EMI Option
  • Gold Loan with Interest Only EMIS.

Manage Multiple Deposit Types

  • Saving Account
  • Fixed Deposit Account
  • RD Account
  • MIS Account

Print System Generated Forms, Receipts and Agreements (Fully Customizable as per your requirements)

  • Deposit Account Application Form(Saving,RD,FD & MIS)
  • Loan Account Application Form (For All Loan Types)
  • Membership Application Form
  • Cash/Bank Receipts
  • Share Certificates and Share Transfer Form
  • Loan Agreement
  • Saving A/c Passbook

Statutory Compliance as per Companies Act & Nidhi Rules,2014

  • Auto Generated Share Folio Number
  • List of Shareholders
  • Details of Share Transfer
  • Form NDH-3 & NDH-1
  • Calculate amount of unencumbered deposit
  • Statutory Compliance Calendar

Customer Login and Fund Transfer

  • Customer can login and check their statements & dues
  • Intra-Nidhi Fund Transfer
  • Customers can transfer Funds to Other Bank Accounts
  • Customers can receive funds from any Bank using Virtual A/c and IFS Code.
  • Funds can also be transferred Using Scan & Pay Facility available in Customer Mobile App
  • Funds can also be collected using UPI ID & QR Code.
  • OTP based authentication for Transfer of Funds

SMS to Account Holders

  • Auto SMS on Account Opening, Deposit and Withdrawal of Amount with updated balance
  • Fully Customize the message content
  • Manage member wise message sending format.
  • Birthday and Festival SMS to Account holders.
  • EMI Reminder SMS.
  • Payment links through SMS for collection of EMIS.

Complete Accounting Solution with Automatic accounting of Loan and Deposit A/c Transactions

  • Ledger Groups
  • Create Ledgers
  • Post Voucher entry
  • Generate Invoices
  • Print Vouchers
  • View ledgers in detailed/consolidated mode.
  • Easily reconcile ledgers by downloading ledgers in Excelformat.
  • Auto generated Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

Manage Multiple Branches with Ease

  • Transfer of Accounts from one branch to another.
  • Other Branch operations to certain extent.
  • User level permission to excess create data of any branch.
  • Consolidated and Standalone reports of Branches for Admin.

Holiday Calendar/IP Binding

  • Users/Employees will not be able to login on holidays for security.
  • Set timings for login of Users/Employees.
  • Bind Office IP which will help preventing users/employees to login from another place.

User Log Report

  • Activities of any user/employee can easily be tracked.
  • It will increase accountability and transparency.
  • Any data manipulation can be easily tracked.
Mobile App

Customer & Collection Mobile App for Android and App Store.

Interactive Customer App for your Customers which enables them to check their account statements, recharge and bill payment, fund transfer, scan & pay facility etc.,

Our Associate/Collection app enables your field executives/employees to check customer dues and make transaction entry of received EMIS. Transactions are send for approval to admin on real time basis and customers get transaction confirmation through SMS.

Learn About Nidhi Company.

We believe that you should be aware about applicable laws/procedure for running a Nidhi, Hanse we created
some Videos on YouTube to enable you to learn with ease.

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